About Canada Kicks

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To understand ‘who’ Canada Kicks is, you must first understand ‘why’ we do this.

Canada Kicks has three main missions:

  1. Create a positive impact in at risk youth’s lives

  2. Unite people of all backgrounds through the power of sport

  3. Provide people with a healthy, fun and unique weekend activity

For the youth.

Canada Kicks operates these events to provide at risk youth with opportunities to learn valuable life lessons through sport. By supporting the MLSE Foundation and their initiatives like Kickstart, we are able to give youth a positive outlet for their energy while learning the importance of self-esteem, fair play and what it is to be a leader. These types of programs bring communities together, as well as encourage physical literacy and a life long love of sport.

The world’s game.

Soccer has the unique ability to bring people from different backgrounds together like nothing else. It is a truly international sport that creates bridges between the world’s many ethnicities and religions. In an ever-increasingly divided world. Canada Kicks is looking to bring people together through mutual passions; a love of sport and a desire to create change in our communities.

About Canada Kicks

time to get out there.

It is time to get out from behind those computer and phone screens to get some exercise. You will be hard pressed to find a more fun and unique way to do so than our Canada Kicks weekend soccer events. With a festival type atmosphere (music, food and games), our events are a great team building activity for organizations, or a terrific way to catch up with your friends and create new ones. Soccer finally has the tournament that is truly for everyone, and we would love to be apart of it.

The idea to start a nationwide soccer event program came from Canada Kicks’ ambition to combine the sport we love with the desire to create change in the country that we love. Canada Kicks is proud to support MLSE Foundation, who are just as passionate about changing lives through the spirit and power of sport.

Canada Kicks - it’s not what sets us apart that matters, it’s what brings us together.